School Song


Yarrawarrah School Song

Our school is a place where we can feel at home

With all different people from all walks of life

The strength of our friendships are so clear to see

The joy and the freedom in just being me


And when we’re asked “why the smile?”

You only need to take a look inside


This is our school

As one we all strive

Learning together

in the journey of life

And with passion and pride

We’ll all work hand-in-hand

Achieving our hopes and our dreams.


Our school is a place we can live, learn and grow

With support from our friends and families alike

The pursuit of excellence is what we hold dear

The Yarrawarrah spirit will always inspire



‘Cos where there is one, there is all

Looking out for each other, we’ll never fall

Working with pride and a goal

Yarrawarrah is a part of us all

More than we know


(Words and Music by Mitchell Griffiths, 2015)