Our Values

NSW public schools have always taught the values that are the basis of law, customs and care for others in our society.

Values shape attitudes to the changing circumstances, events and issues encountered in daily life.

Schools in NSW share with families and the community the responsibility for teaching values. While values are learnt predominantly in the home and modified through relationships and life experiences, parents and the community have high expectations about commonly held values also being taught in schools. (NSW Department of Education, 2014).

Yarrawarrah Public School teaches the values of Responsibility, Excellence, Acceptance, Co-operation and Honesty – REACH. These values influence how students communicate, work together make decisions and how they learn. These values underpin all aspects of this policy.


To have a sense of duty towards yourself, others and the environment, and to resolve differences in constructive peaceful ways.


To strive towards and beyond personal goals: academically, socially and within the community.


To treat yourself and others with equal courtesy, respect and consideration.


To all work together for the common good of our school and community.


To be accountable for actions and do what is right, being truthful and fair.



These values directly relate to our school rules of Look After YourselfLook After Each Other and Look After Our School. Posters displayed around the school support students in upholding both these values and our school rules.

School Values Posters